HTC One M7 Repair

HTC One M7 Repair


  1. the phone htc one (m7) chargers perfectly well and is on 100 percent,however i reliased the power button wasnt working so kept it charging so it didnt turn of and i would be unable to turn it back on again and the next day i looked at my phone and the button itsself was no longer there in the slot that it is meant to be in so there is no way i can tuen the phone itsself on and was wondering what can be done as the pgone itsself was 1st hand and reduced to 300 pound at a largee retail store and i have been told by some phone repair companys that it costs 180 to fix this would be defeeting the objective.what else can be done ?

    1. Thanks for posting. Would be better if you could have used the form to Ask for a FREE QUOTE. We would for sure do our best to sort out your issue. You will probably receive an email shortly from our end. Please reply to that with your phone number as well….TY

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